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Idea and Intellectual Property Development, Management and Commercialisation
It's a little known fact in the year 2000, the Japanese Department of Trade conducted a survey to find the most influential inventions of the 20th Century.  Staggeringly, the survey found that 54% were British leaving the rest of the world to contribute less than half.  Interestingly, nowhere near that percentage was commercialised in the UK.
By using the expertise of Jembro's industry and academic experts to create the e-course content specific to your needs, the opportunity to change that statistic is a real possibility.
The Jembro e-course content shows the way to maximise the opportunity and minimise the risk in:
  • Developing an idea
  • Operating within a confidential environment
  • Types of IP protection
  • Developing IP protection
  • Developing working models and prototypes
  • Seeking funding and finance
  • Ownership of the IP
  • Presenting the opportunity to potential clients or licensees
  • Commercialisation channels
As with all Jembro e-course content, it is tailored to meet your learning requirements, your industry sector and the management/employee levels to which it applies.