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   The Jembro Group
Engineering Development and Management
Price point, quality and delivery are the very backbone of any successful company.  Deficiencies in any one or all of these key engineering and manufacturing 'must haves' could well lead to failure of the business if not rectified.
The Jembro team can create course content in:
  •  Lean Engineering and Manufacture

                 Are your engineering and manufacturing processes leaner and more efficient than those of your competitors?


  •  Operational Control

                 Is the design, manufacture, distribution and selling of your products effectively monitored, controlled and reported allowing senior

                 management to make informed decisions?


  • Supply Chain Management

                Is your supply chain optimised allowing you to produce quality products at minimal cost, in the shortest possible lead time?


  • New Product Design

                Are you using the most appropriate new technologies and working methods and practices to minimise new product design and development

                lead times, allowing you to “steal a march” on your competitors?


  • Design for Manufacturing

                Are your products designed to allow them to be manufactured and tested using the most efficient and cost effective production and test

                methods and technologies?


  • Project Management

                Are you using robust and efficient project management techniques and practices to ensure that your major projects and capital investment

                programmes are delivered on time and within budget?


  • Financial Management and Reporting

                Are your product design and development along with production budgets tightly controlled and reported in a timely manner?


Being lean, mean and efficient in all aspects of engineering and operations is one of the major cornerstones of success for any business.