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     The Jembro Group
 Transforming Businesses and Institutions through e-Learning Content Creation
The Jembro Group collaborates with major platform and website builders in the UK and worldwide to create dynamic, innovative and effective tailor-made e-course content for major corporations and institutions.  Jembro's industrial and academic experts combine with our team of writers to create invitational, engaging, informative and interactive course content tailored to specific learning requirements and to the technical specifications of the platform used. 
Our Areas of e-Course Content Specialism


Idea and Intellectual Property Development, Management 
and Commercialisation
As the economy improves, the key to sustained growth is the ability to successfully develop and commercialise new products and services. 
Transform your thinking or that of your employees or students into a 'can do' attitude of idea development and commercialisation.  Jembro's
e-course content in this fascinating subject area has seen users from more than 40 countries benefit from learning how to transform a notional idea into a commercial success.



Engineering Development and Management






Operational efficiency is vital in maintaining that competitive edge and retaining and expanding your customer base.
Jembro creates e-course content in the key subjects of lean engineering and manufacture, engineering project management, financial management and reporting, supply chain management, new product design and design for manufacturing.



Jembro has created, presented and written courses for a wide range of organisations including...














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 Product Marketing

and Exploitation








Developing customer awareness for your products and services is an important element in reaching out to the market and ensuring that they not only meet, but exceed your customers expectations.


In this area, Jembro creates e-course content in the subjects of product and service commercialisation, marketing and brand realisation, market analysis and dissemination along with business planning and forecasting.



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